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Article introduction

Kind because rheumatism arthritis is bigger and bigger to the influence of people and occurrence crowd is increasing get the attention of a lot of people, the food that we know to the occurrence of kind of rheumatism arthritis follows people, living environment having very big concern, because this is in daily life,need very great attention. Kind rheumatism arthritis contraindication has a lot of, can accentuate carelessly a bit illness, because this needs everybody to notice, below we for what does the contraindication that says the patient needs to pay close attention to have, the hope can bring a help to everybody.

Kind what does rheumatism arthritis contraindication have

Dietary respect

The food of health of tie-in and delicate, reasonable, nutrition can make the patient maintains kind of rheumatism arthritis better appetite and taste transport power, enhance disease-resistant ability thereby.

Some food will be apparently aggravating patient symptom, if can notice to be able to avoid needless anguish and aggravation slightly, be like tall adipose kind, marine kind, too too acerbity, salty, acrimony, raw or cold food kind it is very easy to wait for food the illness of aggravating patient, want to eat less.

Daily life respect

Building should ventilated, exposed to the sun, avoid by all means sleeps in cement floor and blast tuyere place lie. In addition, kind rheumatism arthritis patient should notice in daily life respect work and rest is measurable, overcome mood depression, optimistic positive sentiment is treated disease andShanghai night net

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The life. Often stay up late to suffer from very easily on liver kidney deficiency of yin with irritability arthritis, stay up late to also can make patient’s condition of kind of rheumatism arthritis patient aggravatingA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, accordingly, should maintain everyday the Morpheus of 7~8 hour, at night left at 11 o’clock1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Right answer go to bed enters bedroom.

Undertake physics massage more

Kind rheumatism arthritis patient in the disease fit period is like conditional can ask professional doctor or physiotherapy division to undertake to joint position physics is massaged, although impossible implementation effects a radical cure,physics is massaged, but conduce to the flesh power that enhances a patient, improve haemal circulation, enlarge articulatory territory. Those who want an attention is, avoid by all means is right joint position especially the joint position of old people undertakes is not professional massage, otherwise, impertinent massage means wait to cause unimaginable consequence very easily to the osteoporosis of old people.

The concern that notices season and disease recover

Will tell commonly, kind rheumatism arthritis patient feels the summer is generally in a year relatively comfortable when alleviating a little with ache, actually the summer also is optimal opportunity of cure. But, no matter be what season should notice to prevent cold, moistureproof, heat preservation, can hold concurrently with the four seasons use all sorts of protectingForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Warm protect will caress joint position, in order to prevent illness accentuation, caress joint effectively.

Female peculiar note

Although this ill pathogeny still has no unified final conclusion, but according to statistic female male scale is 3: 1, middleaged female easy sicken may be concerned with estrogen, the learned men of hospital of Rosai of Japanese a poetic name of China and university of a poetic name of China are right type of 5 I period, odd loop kind rheumatism arthritis patient undertook retrospective study, they point out, estrogen can child of sex of adjusting control inflammation, wait like IL-1, IL-6, TNF. They are in while this hormone level falls, the level rises. Study summary goes out, menopause estrogen lack can affect the patient’s symptom already, also can affect inflammation level. And the result of near future test of American expert shows, estrogen is opposite probably of kind of rheumatism arthritis and so on avoid from body1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The pathological changes process of epidemic disease disease has main effect, the symptom during female patient is pregnant is lighter, and often accentuate after childbirth and the turn of life. Accordingly, using hormone iatrical initial stage, partial patient appeared of the illness improve, but, as the gradual progress of time, hormone cure is put in very big side effect, abusive hormone brings about femur head easily still necrotic.

Note the side effect of medicaments

The body that be not steriod fights phlogistic medicine, slow action to fight depressor of rheumatism medicine, immunity, come fluorine rice is special, coriaceous hormone is common Western medicine, this kind of medicaments has the effect such as heat of demulcent, antiphlogistic, solution, but, this kind of medicine cannot stop illness development normally, also cannot come true cure, more serious is, its side effect is quite big, if gastric bowel is undesirable,face of hyperfunction of harmful response, appetite, full moon, buffalo carries reaction, blood on the back, centrality is disease of fat, much wool, acne, oedema, hypertensive, diabetic, menstruation is disorder, adrenal coriaceous function bone of sex of low, osteoporosis, asepsis is necrotic etc, these poisonous side-effect even itself of comparison rheumatism arthritis is more serious. Invigorate the circulation of blood of dispel the wind of much application of Chinese traditional medicine, connect the medicaments with acetanilide sth resembling a net, side effect is less, but the effect is uneven, what curative effect cuts truly is scarcer.

Operation risk

Operation cure includes slippery film resection, articulatory lens to fall small achieve art of operation, articulatory orthopaedic, articulatory confluence art is waited a moment, but cannot eliminate ache completely, and the side-effect of the operation and complication are more, have particular risk, such as is terminal infection, terminal joint becomes loose, false body wears away etc. Kind rheumatism arthritis is systemic immunity disease, systemic joint is met be put into trouble, although be below the case with successful operation, patient even proceed medications for a long time, and the farther aggravation of the disease, also can cause other key links to continue to be destroyed.

Kind what does rheumatism arthritis contraindication have, look at the introduction above the problem that we discovered to the patient needs to notice is exceedingly much, so the patient must wait for many respects to prevent a disease from food, motion, living environment in daily life, and kind rheumatism arthritis has a relapse very easily, so everybody should notice to rest, unfavorable overworked is excessive, such with respect to can better treatment disease.

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