2019 match of graceful cup final reviews Su Di China 3

Final of game of mixture team of graceful cup badminton contended for Su Di 2019, chinese team is opposite a Japanese team. The first male double, double tower combines Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen falls continuously two bureaus conquer crosses Bian Yong big / Yuan Teng is big by, the 2nd female sheet and the 3rd male single, chen Yufei and stone eaves are strange, all prevenient below the case that loses one bureau, respectively changeover mountain pass alizarin red with peach Tianxian is fought, 3-0 of Chinese team total score is over th上海龙凤论坛sh1f

is team success day, seize Su Di again graceful cup gains the championship the 11st times.

Male double: Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen 2-0 crosses Bian Yong big / Yuan Teng is big by

The first male double, double tower combines Li Junhui / the brave crossing a border that Liu Yuchen meets Japan head-on is big / Yuan Teng is big by. Bilateral before this 4 fight hand to hand, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen 1 get the better of 3 negative fall at ahull. Head bureau Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen enters state faster, 8-7 hind is connected so that enter time-out 3 minutes with 11-7. The Japan after time-out combines try hard to catch up, 18 the Li Junhui after making the same score / Liu Yuchen connects 3 minutes, forestall his opponent by a show of strength with 21-18.

Li Junhui of the 2nd bureau / Liu Yuchen hits more suitable more, bureau precede with 6-1. Maintain the suppress that combines to Japan, precede with 11-6 when time-out. The Li Junhui after time-out / Liu Yuchen pulls open score further, adversary error gradually much, li Jun爱上海同城

hui / Liu Yuchen wins victory easily with 21-10, fall continuously two bureaus take the first minute for Guo Yu.

Female sheet: Mountain pass of Chen Yufei 2-1 alizarin red

Female odd Chen Yufei meets mountain pass of Japanese famous general head-on alizarin red. Two people had had fight hand to hand 14 times before this, chen Yufei 5 get the better of 9 negative be in inferior position. Head come on the bureau, 5 minutes are connected after Chen Yufei shows 6-10, exceed instead with 11-10 enter time-out. Continuance of old rain humble notchs after time-out offensive, precede be overtaken by adversary after 14-10, war comes 15 smooth must precede 2 minutes with 17-15 again. After this Chen Yufei has some of be irresolute when firmness is needed, lose 6 minutes repeatedly with 17-21 by changeover.

Chen Yufei of the 2nd bureau leaves bureau carry fast, obtain on field precede actively with 11-10 time-out. The Chen Yufei after 12-11 connects 4 minutes, pull open score to arrive 16-11. Although mountain pass alizarin red is hit very tenacious, connect 4 minutes of contractible cent are poorly, after this of Dan Chenyu humble pulls open 19-15 again, bureau end holds crucial component to pull an one bureau with 21-16.

Chen Yufei of bureau of decide the issue of the battle 5 4 minutes are lost repeatedly after making the same score, had been pulled open when time-out 6-11. After suspending change sides, chen Yu爱上海同城论坛

fei rises afresh situation, connect so that exceed 7 minutes instead with 13-11. 13 smooth, 15 after making the same score, chen Yufei is connected 3 minutes of 18-15 are bannerly, be sentenced to live net drive after 20-16, but still take next crucial fraction subsequently, with 21-17 Suo Dingsheng bureau, implementation changeover beats mountain pass alizarin red, get a minute again for Chinese team.

Male single: Tianxian of peach of Shi Yuji 2-1 is fought

The 3rd male single, shi Yuji is opposite a peach Tian Xiandou, this also is the contention between before the world is ranked two players. Both sides meets before this 5 times, shi Yuji won 1 times only. Head come on the bureau, shi Yuji appears relatively slow hot, error is more the suppress that be fought by peach Tianxian, bureau lose 4 minutes of 0-4 to lag behind repeatedly. The attack of peach Tian Xiandou is very strong, shi Yuji some get tired of answer, peach Tianxian fights hit be more than equal to a task, pull open score to arrive 8-3. Shi Yuji strengthens aggression try hard to catch up, nevertheless peach Tian Xiandou controls an aspect well, the Shiyu when time-out surprises or lag behind with 8-11.

Tian Xiandou of the peach after time-out puts a network procurable, shi Yuji answers archives to cast the net, the offensive of peach Tian Xiandou is very fierce, stone eaves strange error again and again, be pulled open to distinguish difference further, do not add on speed sends cent continuously, 7 send are lost to give many to nod repeatedly after 11-13. Although backward circumstance plays big score, hit two write down diagonal of the top of head to break off kill take fraction, shi Yuji still error is not decreased, must hit after 4 minutes repeatedly throw opportunity ball, lose one bureau first with 15-21.

Eaves of stone of the 2nd bureau surprises bureau those who attack is very fierce, come up to connect 5 minutes, peach Tianxian fights imposing manner to be squelched, shi Yuji’s attack is more sharp, enlarge minute of difference to 10-2, precede to the 11-3 when time-out. Error of peach Tian Xiandou is more, the preponderance with Shi Yuji very establish. The Shi Yuji after big score is banner hits more relaxed more, recover one bureau with 21-5 sweep anything away.

Beginning of bureau of decide the issue of the battle is brief after ankylosing, shi Yuji holds the positio上海千花网论坛

n that high speed attacks, an insanity hits after 2-3 notch offensive, take 9 minutes to squelch peach Tianxian is fought completely repeatedly, the 11-3 when time-out is banner. The Shi Yuji after Yi Bian is more overwhelm, peach Tian Xiandou already fight is devoid, shi Yuji advances triumphantly, precede for a time above. The contention be concerned about of second half bureau is devoid, shi Yuji ends a war with 21-11, implementation changeover beats peach Tian Xiandou, for Chinese team the lock is gotten the better of surely bureau.

3-0 of total score of final China team is over this team success day, will desertion two years ago revive cup seized, also be the cha爱上海同城手机版

mpionship that wins this match the 11st.

Original title: Won! Day of tanaka上海千花社区

of peach of stone eaves strange changeover is big 3-0 of feather of the Warring States seizes again revive cup responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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