The country pings the statement that quit game is oppugned by the public ” fatigue ” the explanation makes a person hard be convinced

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Southern daily dispatch (reporter / Jin Zhuxi) 29 days, chinese ping-pong association publishs announcement, announce male team exits international to ping couplet world tour surpasses Australia to stand to be surpassed publicly. Ping assist the reason that give out is team member takes part in the match continuously the body is excessive and fatigue, need necessary adjustment to rest. Subsequently, dragon of team member horse and Xu Xin also send small gain to appeal the public is not done not sensible unscramble.

“Because the body is fatigue,male ping quits game “

Ping assist announcement says, in view of male group is at present main the athlete takes part in the match continuously brought body is excessive and fatigue, together with injury is perplexed, do not have the form that take part in the match, chinese ping-pong team considers to decide, male team will not play international to ping couplet profession itinerate surpasses Australia to make public contest, undertake necessary rest adjust. Female team takes part in the match normally by the plan. China pings assist already had undertaken communication with respect to this matter and international ping couplet, get understanding.

After Chengdu retreats contest incident to happen, domestic public opinion an in an uproar. Sports total bureau and ping assist wait for relevant unit to all express to abandon contest to cannot be taken, handle gravity this matter. After the event, ma Long, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong all release an apology to believe on small gain.

This Australia makes public contest, dragon of horse of male group team leader did not sign up originally take part in the match, but he still sends a word on small gain: “From May the bottom begins, I attend a world to ping contest, Japan and China make public contest one after another, because injury and body are tired out, did not sign up originally attend the Australia July to make public contest, hope fan friend is not done not sensible unscramble, thank everybod上海千花网论坛

y’s care, I can try hard, come back with better position. Come back with better position..

Xu Xin expresses, he and teammate do not attend Australia to make public total bureau of contest and sports and ping feather the center has nothing to do, he is in Japan early to Australia does not attend to make public contest to coach application when open competition and be obtained through. In the meantime, xu Xin expresses: “Lead these days actually caring us all the time, our behavior that quit game is wrong really. Xin elder brother is not little, it is OK to hit a contest to take a rest? It is not OK that exhaustion drives, does endurance ratio surpass you to feel? Does endurance ratio surpass you to feel??

Subsequently, fan Zhendong also writes in small gain: “Thank everybody to care to mine, I played this paragraph of time continuously several matches, energy physical strength had not followed to go up really, such condition gets hurt easily also in the match, australia makes public contest not to go also is one kind is adjusted, also be to hope to better position goes receiving the national games, hope everybody pays close attention to my expression on competition ground more, good-bye of our the national games. ” this his small gain is in charge of to teach Lian Wanghao transmit subsequently, wang Hao returns P.S. : “Expect (Fan Zhendong) the expression of the national games, cheer. Cheer..

International pings couplet still is investigating Chengdu 上海贵族宝贝

station to cancel contest event

Ping to the country male team exits the decision that Australia stands, international ping couplet states this is Chinese ping assist resolution. In the meantime, ping the government-owned net announcement of couplet points out, stand in Chengdu men’s singles 16 in entering the race of 8, male team member of 3 Chinese ping-pong team are in Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin to ping without China assist below the circumstance of approval, do sth without authorization abandons taking part in the match, caused very abominable effect, the investigation that is aimed at this incident still is undertaking continuously.

In the meantime, international pings couplet expresses, although Chinese male team does not take part in the match, but all of famous general meeting su上海千花网龙凤论坛

ch as Samusuonuofu, Shui Gusun, Zhuang Zhiyuan attends Australia to make public contest.

Although ping assist all explain with team member quiting game is爱上海同城手机版

body reason, have nothing to do with other factor, but the country pings male team exits Australia to stand to still be oppugned by the outside. The country that this absent Australia surpasses publicly pings team member has 6 people, they are of Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Liang Jing, Yan An and Lin Gaoyuan, among them Zhang 上海千花网

Jike quits odd doubles race because of the injury when China is surpassed publicly. If because the reason such as body exhaustion quits game,say Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong, so how does is Liang Jing , Yan installed and the athlete of the match of before attending this a few stations such as Lin Gaoyuan also feel fatigue likewise?

Previously, ping also has had the country to quit the movement that open competition is a world cup even, but because want to close,that is assemble for training prepares for war the rest and reorganization after the Olympic Games and world ping contest or contest.

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