TGA compere applies for ” American doomsday 2 ” try lens: Act giraffe

” American doomsday 2 ” space development finishs the likelihood and official put on sale still has very long pe阿拉爱上海同城

riod of time, nevertheless Geoff Keighley pushs the basis a few times of hair to look especially recently, he also wants to participate in it seems that ” American doomsday 2 ” make, spectacular still even a paragraph of video trying lens. Mischievous dog vice-president also spoke, claim ” American doomsday 2 ” it is a melodrama. TGA compere and Geoff Keighley of the person that establish were published on Feburary 6 push special, check medium function with IOS, use a mobile phone to photograph real time resembling a head to act an Emoji expression. He acted a g上海龙凤论坛sh1f

iraffe, enquire in video whether mischievous dog him vice-president got this part finally next. “Yes, I downloaded IOS Beta edition, such I can experiment act giraffe expression. @Neil Druckmann tells me whether I was passed please try lens. ” , Geoff Keighley Neil Druckmann also looked to try lens video really, also publish a response especially through pushing next, express ” American doomsday 2 ” it is a melodrama. “Hum… you know this game is a melodrama, right? So we need to see this giraffe sing sing how. ” , Neil Druckmann Keighley did not shrink back at this point, continued to upload another parag新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

raph of video however, acted giraffe to sing a back street of the boy ” The One ” . “Received an information last night, I was entered ” American doomsday 2 ” the 2nd round of giraffe part try lens. Since @Neil Druckmann asks t爱上海同城论坛

o sing, then I come to the 2nd. Special acknowledgment lets me be entered the 2nd round try lens. ” , Geoff Keighley
This has not been over, druckmann had a return again, told Keighley to make a mistake to try lens require上海千花网

ment, be in because of recreation spot set Xiyatu, so they need to listen to Xiyatu the famousest ” oily be soile爱上海同城论坛

d rocks and roll ” . Again in the future, keighley did not reply again. The likelihood is to also feel he is quite dull. Cultural background: Giraffe is ” American doomsday ” in the animal that has appeared in a famous setting, small Ai Li and player let feel after an intense battle very shock, became so ” American doomsday ” in famous stalk. Next the name of Geoff has some of look with giraffe Giraff again close, should so this be play the comic dialogue of stalk to perform… ? Anyhow, if they are not to saying comic dialogue is discussing an issue seriously however, so ” American doomsday 2 ” will be game of a melodrama, next Geoff will act a giraffe inside. ” American doomsday 2 ” will exclusive land PS4, have not confirm date of put on sale at present.

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