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Optimal game player is chosen! Steam platform 2018 year game is voting and formal open      Read textual Steam government to choose " Steam2018 year game " voting activity at formal today open, interested player lands Steam rapidly, for your heart medium interesting game sends on one bill, voting activity ends on January 3, 2019, large award winner is booked open in Feburary 2019, expect please! · is current ” Steam2018 year game ” selection activity set 8 large award in all, it is respectively spend in those days most get player welcome and the game that have attention to spend most, look what to game enters nomination together: 2018 year of · are optimal game nominates: Aed form of a address for an official or rich man this without Kui eventually! 2018 Xbox One 5 play game surely greatly      Read textual recently, ” Ares 4 ” pull two good year of TGA, IGN madly to spend optimal game large award, of all kinds award all also have nomination, but this Bahamute the store chose the 5 big play that were worth to play most on Xbox One 2018 for players, will quickly look is which a few your work after all selected TOP5! Travel PS4 welcomes the state spring! The country goes PS4 removes exposure of lock area new method      Read textual enter phase of lifecycle later period as PS4, suo Ni gives a country travel player of purpose it seems that final extra dividend. The netizen discovered travel PS4 lead plane carries the state recently ” mysterious key-press removes lock area ” new method. Specific means is as follows: The country goes PS4 upgrades the system first for 6.2, enter a system, the format is changed, the format changes PS4, the interface is changed in the format (need not undertake the format is changed really) press triangle of stop handle L2+R2+ at the same time + right key of crossed direction key, about 5 to lock area can remove after 10 seconds. There won’t be clew after completing this operation, but right now PS4 has become ” you understand ” PS4. Noting face of an album of paintings or calligraphy to be able to choose the other area such as Hong Kong right now, at the same time the Zhang date of other area also can be landed on current machine. In view of the country travel PS4 can have been landed outside took, the PS4 that follows other version does not have any distinction, what want to buy PS4 now is OK be at ease buy a nation travel version. Liu Jiang east innocent! American check just announces findings, the decision does not grant to sue      Read former civilized Niabolisi prefectural inquisitor office is made the same score to announce Liu Jiang now inside city go smoothly east the findings of incident, the decision does not grant to sue, this also means this case formal end a case, liu Jiang east innocent. Beijing east the government also is in issue statement for a short while. Abolisi makes the same score bright Buddhist nun inside city go smoothly prefectural inquisitor office announces to will not mention to me any accusation, this result evidence is clear first and last I did not offend any law. But anyhow, the family that my behavior gave the accident me that day, especially my wife caused massive harm, for this I feel very self-condemned and regret. Fine horse of greeting palace Qi! Japan loves to know a county to will build Jibolile to be booked field opened business 2022       The classical animation of the atelier of Ji Bo force that reads Gong Qijun of Great Master of textual Japan famous animation’s leader to fall each can weighs high-quality goods, bring world vermicelli made from bean starch countless sensation, and Japan loved to know a county to announce recently ” Eden of Ji Bo force ” book opened business above all 2022 3 themes park, understand together below. · loves to know a county ” Eden of Ji Bo force ” be to be in former ” love? Earthly rich commemorates a park ” former address is decorated transform and become, announced the plan is started this year in April, book opened business above all 2022 3 themes park ” green hill ” , ” old warehouse of Jiboli ” and ” dragon cat forest ” , park of additionally 2 themes ” ghostliness princess birthplace ” and ” the cereal of hag ” will be in practice is opened in succession after 1 year, expect please. This holiday is a bit hot your work of Spring Festival around is not complete 2019 list      Read original text version on the weekend is the west end of the year year old end, they are about to greet the Christmas and New Year, and the New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar that this also means our China is not far also. Begin from now, to Spring Festival around, a lot of your work will shake put on sale, have what play surely not only ” regnal heart 3 ” , and still have after many what defer ” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” . Female edition Aoteman is ablaze come on stage! Brand-new theatrical edition ” Aoteman R / B ” newest and premonitory       Read textual book on March 8, 2019 of Japanese first show brand-new theatrical edition ” R/B chooses Aoteman: Fetter is crystal ” gave off today newest and premonitory, new female Aoteman is ablaze come on stage, one step aside opens his eyes! · is brand-new theatrical edition ” R/B chooses Aoteman: Fetter is crystal ” those who tell about is the Aoteman before mixing’s completely different the story of a play or opera.

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