[nut filling calcium? ] – of action of qualitative _ of _ compensatory calcium

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In the life, everybody can eat the nut of a lot of sort, the commonnest include walnut, melon seeds, earthnut and Chinese chestnut to wait a moment, these nut are commonner, and taste flavour is first-rate, and the nutrient value of these nut is very high, thanShanghai noble baby

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If contain rich mineral element and vitamin, ate to be able to rise to enhance the action such as the constitution, so eat nut to have the effect of filling calcium?

Nut filling calcium?

Nut filling calcium?

Because nut is having very much nutrition and the effect of filling head, so a lot of friends treat it as snacks edible of the child. But nut also is not to eat morer to had been jumped over, a few item also should notice when children are having. Follow today small write the gain that realizes nut together and note.

One, sunflower seed

Advantage: Sunflower seed can promote the cerebrum growth of oneself, and the dimension E inside it also is very much, can promote the child’s development and hemal growth. Everyday edible the dimension E that a small sunflower seed can complement to need to a day of place. Additional, the protein inside sunflower seed also is moreSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, can mix even the flesh kind rivalled!

Note: Although say sunflower seed is right,the disease such as insomnia, hypertension is having certain effect, but because fry the salt inside melon seeds the quantity is too much, say so best one-time what do not eat is too much. Otherwise melon seeds carapace can take away the saliva of people, want to if human body is many,know to lack salivary word, can cause certain harm to oneself health!

Nut filling calcium?

2, cashew

Advantage: The nutrition of cashew is very much, the albumen rate inside it can be achieved 21% , and the vitamin inside it also is very tall. Besides, right amount eat a few cashew to be able to be helped not only eliminate fatigue, additional physical power, and still can improve dry skin.

Note: Cashew is having the saturated fatty acid with a few pairs of adverse bodies, what do not eat so is too much. Additional, the allergic source inside cashew also is more, say the friend edible cashew of allergic constitution so, phenomenon of occurrence allergy of very possible meeting.

3, walnut

Advantage: The filling head effect of walnut knows. The protein inside it is very easy by the bodyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Be absorbed, and having very main effect to cerebrum nerval development. Additional, the nurture such as the iron that there still is a lot of inside it, calcium is qualitative, having the effect of embellish skin not only, and to appearing prematurely the hair falls off the result with wait for a phenomenon to having certain.

Note: Because the oil of walnut is more, ate to be caused very easily more suffer from excessive internal heat, disgusting wait for a symptom. Say to have diarrhoea so or the friend of suffer from excessive internal heat still had better not take!

4, happy fruit

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Place: There is a kind of more distinctive material inside happy fruit, this kind of material can be helped lower the body inside the level of cholesterol, can go up in certain level the precaution, occurrence that reduces heart disease, because this is happy,still be called if really ” the friend of the heart ” . Besides, the grease inside happy fruit also is more, having the effect with pretty good embellish aperient bowel, can help the toxin inside eduction body, having very good improvement to constipation the effect.

Note: The quantity of heat of happy fruit and adipose it is more, the child that says some are fat so had better not have!

Nut filling calcium?

5, Chinese chestnut

There are a lot of good to the body materials inside Chinese chestnut, the child often has a few Chinese chestnut not only OK and able-bodied body, promote skeletal growth, and the exhaustion that still can eliminate oneself. Besides, inside Chinese chestnut adipose lower, the nut that and the composition such as the protein inside it, candy wants compares other is a few taller.

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Item: Eat Chinese chestnut raw to be able to be digested quite, ripe eat easy sluggish is angry, say so not one-timeLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Those who eat is too much. If let the child eat, had better be a chestnut should do snacks edible, perhaps sit in the cooked wheaten food in dish to use, wait e.g. Chinese chestnut carbonado.

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