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In daily life, a lot of people like to drink, be in especially the summer, make an appointment with on a few good friends, drink together drink small wine, chat a little, can alleviate not only pressure, and drink right amountly to be opposite commonly healthy harm is not great, but the reason that because work,has some of person, a large number of regular drinking, occasionally some people capacity for liquor is no good, appear very easily drunk wineLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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phenomenon, drink unscientificly to healthy it is harmful.

Can beer and bean curd eat together?

Can beer and bean curd eat together?

Can eat together.

Does bean curd prevent drunk wine is this kind of view reliable?

1, have certainly the effect

Often the public figure of the dinner party is definite because the meeting is constant drunk wine and feel vexed, since cannot 1000 cups not drunk, so find well can alleviate stoned method. Actually, bean curd eating in drinking process is to have what defend stoned action certainly, bean curd is done with soja, and albumen peptide is contained in soja, can produce a kind of part that conduces to solution wine with the alcohol composition union in wine.

2, it is not quite good to be fed together

Although bean curd can prevent drunk wine, but many plant sex protein is contained in bean curd, with beer the word of an edible, meeting shadowShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The absorption of noisy human body to protein, reduce the time that bean curd and beer take together as far as possible so.

Can beer and bean curd eat together?

3, bean curd can alexipharmic

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of pleasant of bean curd flavour is cool, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid alexipharmic effect. Rich protein is contained in bean curd, can produce precipitation with basic material, still can dissolve acidity toxic substance, reduce the noxiousness of acidity and toxic substance, the space that is bean curd next is more, material of can adsorptive noxiousness.

4, prevent drunk wine clever enrol

If be about to face a big meal bureau, but fear oneself will be malty again, can drink a bit milk or yoghurt before drink so, milk and yoghurt can form diaphragm in gastric wall, reduce the gastric ministry absorption to alcohol. If drink drunken feeling to arrive,have a headache be about to crack, can drink water of a bit honey to alleviate.

Can beer and bean curd eat together?

Sort of bean curd goods is rich

The beans works tiny bit

In the pressurization on bean curd, eliminate1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The water in bean curd is divided, the bean curd of condition of half a lifetime. Have lumpish the fabaceous dry silk of fabaceous male and strip. Can buy in common market arrive. Can replace noodle to use, OK also and refrigerant.

Residue from bean after making soya-bean milk

Of after of the soya-bean milk that make remain by-product. Have high protein of qualitative low calorie special a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale. Can replace flour, use the mug-up that make to wait. The prandial fiber of 11.4 grams is contained in the residue from bean after making soya-bean milk of 100 grams.

Oil fabaceous skin

Bean curd cuts the product of chip after deepfry. Drench first before arrange on hot water or beA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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In putting boiling water plain iron, ” go oily ” arrange of after reentry travel, it is OK to come so the redundant oil that purify makes an appointment with 10 calorie is divided. Easy tasty also is compared when cook.

Board bean curd

In the cotton cloth on appropriative model upper berth, secure appearance with pressurization means, mouthfeel a littleA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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A few harder, because relatively come loose not easily model, because this suits in order to fry or the means cook of decoct. In the bean curd of a 300 grams, protein content makes an appointment with 20 grams.

Tender bean curd

Bittern is joined to secure appearance in soya-bean milk. Moisture content is much because this is relatively soft, mouthfeel also slips quite suitable, nutrition becomes photograph of dispenses board bean curd to compare, the mineral content such as magnesium and calcium a little a few taller.

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