[encyclopedia of cookbook of chronic nephritis food] how does _ of _ nephrosis patient do –

Article introduction

The patient expression of chronic nephritis is the many reaction symptom such as occurrence albuminuria, hematuria, hypertensive, oedema. Differ somewhat according to the type of nephritis. The kidney serves as the urinary organs of human body, when sicken, should as far as possible the food of edible low protein, low phosphor, the macromolecule of high protein is to cannot be passed inside film produces fully, can accentuate only so nephritic burden, cause illness accentuation. We will understand through the article below.

 Encyclopedia of cookbook of chronic nephritis food

One, principle of dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food

Chronic nephritis is a kind of very big to sex of human body harm chronic illness, duration of its course of diseases is long, the illness can change because of the influence of all sorts of elements. Accordingly, the drink of chronic nephritis patientNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Feeding a principle is not changeless, should do in time along with the change of the illness adjust accordingly.

1. diet principle

(Food of 1) low albumen, low phosphor: The protein problem that absorb a person is the problem that all kidney patient should face almost, the to the disease development of how many meeting that its absorb a person and rehabilitation produce relatively apparent effect. To chronic nephritis patient character, come on inchoate or acute breaks out period, have fixed rate when symptom of little make water, oedema or appetite are bad, photograph a person proteinly to want to undertake controlling appropriately, but cannot restrict overly, drop in patient weight especially when, may affect the immune force of airframe otherwise, go against the rehabilitation of the disease. General with daily it is advisable that every kilogram weight gives 1 gram protein. When subsidise of the oedema after a large number of diuresis, when patient symptom improves, be about to increase the protein amount that absorb a person in time, what lose in order to complement when a large number of diuresis is protein, more such to patient of chronic nephrosis nephritis. If chronic nephritis develops further, bring about kidney function to be damaged badly, when occurrence uremia, the kidney metabolizes to protein of child excrete a function to reduce, make nitrogen of element of the hematuria inside body increases, be about to restrict protein intake strictly right now, furnish only the protein of thimbleful needs with maintaining airframe to metabolize basically.

 Encyclopedia of cookbook of chronic nephritis food

(The carbohydrate with enough 2): Because chronic nephritis patient restricts protein to absorb a person, heat energy basically furnishs by carbohydrate, the candy with so medium food1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Kind should rise appropriately, be opposite in order to satisfy airframe the demand of heat energy. AdditionalOnLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, ample heat energy supply can decrease to be used up proteinly, reduce nephritic burden, the rehabilitate that can make a few protein that absorb a person are used completely at the organization and grow development. The food of patient of appropriate and chronic nephritis has sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, potato, lotus root starch to wait.

(3) restricts sodium salt: Firm to be in periodic is chronic for nephritis patient, when the general symptom of the chronic nephritis such as oedema is not apparent, need not restrict salt absorb a person, should have not eaten salty food only can. Have serious oedema, occurrence heart failure when the patient when hypertensive even head is ill, be about to restrict salt strictly absorb a person, cannot photograph person salt not only, also cannot the other provision that edible contains sodium, wait like steamed bread of soda biscuit, alkaline face, dried meat floss. To do not affect patient appetite because of having saline insipidity, the usable when cooking soy that do not have salt will replace salt. Treat patient patient’s conditionLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Alleviate, tend salt of step up of the ability after stability photographs a person to measure.

 Encyclopedia of cookbook of chronic nephritis food

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(4) waters appropriately quantity: Water the quantity does not impose restriction commonly, but unfavorable also and overmuch, accompany especially have apparent oedema and make water little person, must notice the intake of water.

(5) compensatory vitamin and iron: Chronic nephritis patient can grow because of course of diseases, appetite difference, into appetite little and those who affect a vitamin absorb a person, accordingly, chronic nephritis patient should notice to take food contain a lot ofvitamin A, vitamin the food of B a group of things with common features and vitamin C, if fresh vegetable reachs a fruit, in case vitamin lack. Chronic nephritis patient often is accompanied have exsanguine state, basically lack of hematopoiesis raw material is caused, so chronic nephritis patient still should choose a few food that contain iron to be abounded character, wait like vegetable of pork liver, egg, tomato, red jujube and greenery, also want to notice the complement of folic acid and vitamin B12 at the same time.

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